About Me


There was a 18 year-old-girl who hated herself...hated people...hated life. She lived in sin and was falling deeper and deeper into darkness. This girl was a fornicator. This girl spewed cuss words out of her mouth left and right. This girl had built up anger and depression. She wanted to commit suicide. She wanted to hurt herself. She gave no thought to God and said she didn't need God.

But, there was a God who gave thought to her. And when this girl said she didn't need God, God showed her that He was the one thing she needed the most. When there was depression, He gave joy. When there was suicidal thoughts, He gave life. When there was bondage of sin, He gave freedom. And when there was sin, impurity, and filth, He gave cleansing.

That girl was me.

At 18 years old after another night of wicked living, I looked up at the night sky and felt God tugging at my heart...calling out to me from His own creation. I didn't know how to find God. But, I said to Him, "I don't know how to find You, but someday I will"...later realizing that it wasn't me who was seeking Him, but it was actually Him seeking me. And when did He call out to me? It was when I was at the lowest point of my life and in the deepest sin. It wasn't when I "had all my ducks in a row" or had "cleaned myself up." He reached down to me in the filth and sin and brokenness. He washed my sins away and gave me a new heart. He completely changed me from within and changed the course of my entire life.

I used to write poetry such as:

“I take the blade

And slash my wrist

Over and over

The blade is drenched

The throbbing pain

Is like a game to me

I keep slashing away

To watch me bleed”

But, now He's given me a new heart and new words:

“I am covered by the blood

For You are the only One

Who was able to take my sins away

And now I'm covered by the blood

Of God's only Son

Who was worthy to suffer in my place

Forgiven, reconciled

Now I am God's child

I am forgiven and I'm covered by the blood”

I praise God for the newness of life He has given me...a renewed purpose and reason for living....and a new song within my heart. May my praise of Him never stop and my song to Him never cease!


After coming to Christ at age 18, Mandy felt called to get her education at Pensacola Christian College. While studying Early Childhood Education, she met her future husband Michael, who was studying Music Education, and recording his own music. Mandy and Michael began to record music together as a hobby, and recorded their first Youtube duo "To Rescue A Sinner Like Me" at Michael's parents' house in Chicago during Christmas 2009. To this date, the video has over 333,000 views. Mandy wrote her first Christian song "Help Me, Lord" prior to their wedding in 2011. After jointly writing and recording all of the music for their wedding, Michael and Mandy were married on June 18, 2011, and immediately began church ministry at Choice Hills Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, where they served for two years. Over the next several years, Mandy wrote all of the songs for Rays From Heaven, while Michael wrote and recorded the arrangements and the accompaniments. Rays from Heaven was released in June 2015. Mandy is currently working on recording songs and videos for a new album called I Choose Praise.

Since September 2018, Michael and Mandy currently serve in music and kids ministry at Bethel Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. They have given concerts at Rutherford Road Baptist Church (Greenville, SC), Wrenn Memorial Baptist Church (Greenville, SC), First Baptist Church (Simpsonville, SC), and Broken Bow United Methodist Church (Broken Bow, NE).

Mandy enjoys homeschooling, teaching in Bible Clubs, tutoring, listening to music, songwriting, going on nature walks, playing with her chihuahuas, and spending lots of time with family.