God Works All Things For Your Good

God did not promise it would always be easy

Nor did He promise a life with no pain

But He said He’d go through it with you

Though He may allow the trial to stay.

And when the pain blocks your view

And you think God is harming you

He still hears when you call

He is your Heavenly Father after all.


For God works all things, all things for your good

Even though you can’t see how He ever could

God works all things, all things according to His plan

He won’t give you more than He knows you can stand

Though there’s times it may bring you to your knees

God leans down and whispers, “Trust in Me”

And it may seem God has misunderstood

But, He promises He’ll work it for your good

Yes, He promises He’ll work it for your good.

God did not promise you would cry no tears

Nor did He promise your heart would not ache

But He said He’d stay up with you

On the nights you lie in bed awake

And when the hurt is all you see

You wonder “Why’s God doing this to me”

Remember nothing passes through His hand

That is not part of a greater plan.


God sees the tears you cry

He knows the pain you hide

And He promises not to forsake His own

It doesn’t catch Him by surprise

He’s still in charge of your life

And He promises to remain on His throne

To remain on His throne