Covered By The Blood

I am covered by the blood

My sins cannot be seen

When I stand before my God

It’s the blood that covers me

I am no longer lost

And bound for endless flames

For there upon Your cross

You took that pain away

I’m saved from the bondage

That had me bound in chains

But through Your great salvation

You tore those chains away


And I’m covered by the blood

For You are the only One

Who was able to take my sins away

And I’m covered by the blood

Of God’s precious Son

Who was worthy to suffer in my place

Forgiven, reconciled

Now I am God’s child

I am forgiven

Because I’m covered by the blood.

I lived so many years

Without a hope in Christ

And I never really feared

What came after this life

I clung to what was evil

And I mocked all that was good

Following the devil

Not living like I should

But through the painful darkness

You reached down to me

To pull from my weakness

And bring me to my knees


I stand forgiven, redeemed, and reconciled

When God looks down on me

My sin He does not see

And I stand spotless, so pure, and justified

But I had to bow upon my knees

And accept the One who died for me.