God Hears Our Prayers

When you think your prayers aren’t going through

Please know that God still hears you

When it seems as if your words do not rise

Please know they go beyond the sky

When you think God has closed His ears

Your prayers are heard for He still hears

Even when the words don’t come

God will hear and always give you some


God, receive my prayers into Your hands – every word

And, God, take my prayers and let me know that I am heard

God hears my prayers

When it seems as if an answer is not given

The answer is known in heaven

When it hurts too much to speak

God will strengthen the tongue that’s weak

When praying seems too hard

Just be still and know that He is God

It’s enough to feel Him near

It’s enough to wipe away your tears


When the clouds form

And you’re in the storm

And you’re in the darkest night

When your heart breaks

And your world shakes

And your God is not in sight


God, receives your prayers into His hands – every word

And God takes your prayers and lets you know that you are heard

God hears your prayers

from Rays From Heaven (Album), released March 12, 2015